Monday, February 13, 2012

Custom Stole ~ A Teaching Garden

I really am thrilled to work with such great clients. My latest delivery, below, came from working with a great customer that wanted all the liturgical colors represented in one stole. The colors made me think of a garden and the flowers that would be powerful with their symbolism.

Here are a few pictures with the flowers and their meanings below...

Bluebells~ humility, gratitude and everlasting love
Lavender ~ devotion, purity, solitude and social justice
Poppies ~ mourning, remembrance and been used to symbolize the blood of Christ
Lily ~ devotion and friendship
Thistles ~ represent the suffering of Christ
Shamrocks ~ the Trinity – St. Patrick used them as a teaching tool
Strawberries ~ I decided to add these to represent the sweetness of God’s words. They traditionally represent humility, modesty and abundance
Olive branch (leaves near strawberries) ~ peace and hope.

This was so much fun to create! Thanks S.M. For being so great to work with!