Tuesday, September 13, 2011

We Are All Children of God

Today my younger son and I joined others, in downtown Raleigh, in support against having hateful language added to the NC constitution, in the form of an amendment, which strips away many current rights of the LGBT community. It was an experience that had the audience personally acknowledging the struggles that so many have endured, and how hurtful the decisions of our state house and senate are to so many. Heartfelt speeches brought it all home and it was humbling.

As Americans, and as fellow brothers and sisters of the world, it is important to understand that these topics are issues of dignity and human rights.

Our search for justice, equality and freedom cannot be chosen piecemeal. To advocate for women's rights, the rights of the poor, rights of racial equality, but to then to deny civil rights to the LGBT community is not acceptable.

I truly believe that nothing in creation can separate any of us from God's love.

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