Sunday, July 26, 2015

North American Smocking - Instructions

Inspired by the costumes found in 'Game of Thrones', I decided to create my next stole with a nod to the exquisite design and embellishment which the production excels in.

The particular pattern I want to create involves the illusion of a babbling brook, so I am going to end up with a repeating V-shaped design.

First, I have plotted on a large sheet of paper, a grid pattern of 3/4 inches square. I created a pattern of alternating triangles that are joined by a solid line. The penciled grid is perfectly measured, but because I want to have my finished product reflect the flow of a river (which is not perfect), I am marking my ink guidelines in an irregular fashion. For what I needed, I made three rows of these.

Using a light box, I marked the reverse of my fabric in pencil with the dots and line and lightly traced the triangles to help keep me on track of where I was in the pattern. This is not insignificant, as it can get a bit confusing with all the dots lying around!  :)

Casting on at the lower triangle you will work your way up. Secure at the point of casting on (1), pick up the points, 2 and 3 returning to 4 and pull together securing the tented tips with a couple of stitches. You will then do a straight stitch to point 5, securing it as your base for the next triangle, as you did with the first.

Flip it over after that one row and it will look a bit like this.

Once you complete three rows the effect will look more like this. It really is that simple and smocking creates a huge variety of embellishments and accents that are unexpected.
Good luck exploring!

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  1. Looks absolutely fab. Love how you can manipulate fabric like that. It's inspired me to really delve more into it. I'm teaching a group of ladies soon the basics of North American Smocking. I love that it grows quickly. Thank you.